Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, September 23rd - Sunday, October 29th @ 5pm


“Owned and operated from 1987”

Lakeview Farms originated in 1987 as a family run produce garden by Mike and Sue Cropp with the help of their four children. As its popularity grew, we found that people were enjoying the beautiful settings of the majestic, evergreen tree filled park and serene lake side area more than the garden. As a result, we have developed an inviting, private park area that accommodates a multitude of large and small groups and gatherings.


Enhanced by the yearly Halloween celebrations, one member of the yearly garden produce emerged as the people's favorite: the pumpkin! We quickly expanded on the pumpkin's popularity by planting 15 acres of the plump, colorful vegetable. In order to make the pumpkin picking and harvesting a more fun and fun filled adventure for children, adults and families, we soon added stern wheeler boats to glide across the lake's surface and a miniature train.


In the ensuing years, we have enlarged our operations to include:

• A fleet of three lake cruising paddle wheel vessels

• Two small-scale trains with cars for carrying folks of all ages

• Old cow barn transformed into a fully stocked, seasonal gift shop

• An adjacent pasture turned into a 10 acre corn maze having several miles of trails with yearly changes in the trail design

• A 'shark' and two 'Loch Ness monsters' that rise up from the murky depths of our 17 acre lake as each boat glides past their secret lairs!


Lakeview Farms - 32055 NW North Ave. North Plains, OR 97133     (503) 647-2336